An opportunity to support the troops and encourage following our long tradition to 'vote the bums out' when our government fails to follow the will of the voters. To encourage voting in this critical election which will result in providing the necessary majority in the House and the Senate to enable effective oversight of the Bush Administrations policies through the 'power of the purse' - as only the House can start appropriation bills.

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A Patriot. Believing in the voter's intelligence, common sense, and willingness to re-assert control over their government through the ballot box.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


What could be more patriotic than exercising your right to vote to effectively change the Republican controlled regime in our country.

To reassert effective control over a President, who is responsible for so many ill advised actions -- in addition to the Iraq mess

Katrina... Medicare Foulup ... Budget Busting Tax Breaks to the wealthy while cutting social services to the most needy, Illegally interfering in personal, family matters like the Schiavo case ...just for starters

What could be more supportive of the troops than voting in candidates in the House and Senate races who will re-assert control over the incompetent, reality ignoring Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld Administration?

As the Constitution explicitly puts the 'power of the purse' in the hands of the House in order to effectively check the powers of the President -- the election in 2006 provides the means for the voters to send a message to the Presidnt: We want, demand, and are voting to make sure that change is made in your policies.

Vote for Regime Change in the USA in 2006

Regime Change USA 2006

Support our troops!

Vote on November 7th to Change the (Republican Controlled) Regime in the USA

By Changing control of Congress (both House and Senate) voters can insure that the civilian leadership controlling our armed forces will heed the voter's will.

A vote against the Republican control of House and Senate can assures that the callousness demonstrated by the 'We can ignore the voters because we are not running for re-election' attitude (and literal words of Dick Cheney) of the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld troika' are effectively neutralized.

Under the Constitution the House has the 'power of the purse' control over the President's power to pursue reckless policies.

By shifting control of both House and Senate... voters can effectively impose changes on the Bush Administration through the Constitutional checks and balances so foresightedly designed by our Founders.